Sometimes you don't need an entire custom look. Here are examples of smaller custom pieces, be they gloves, accesories and everything in between! 
Red Gloves by Anis Razali
Custom gloves, matching nails and rhinestoned. 
"Pearls & Lace" 
Custom Shoulder piece made of a foam base, decorated with feathers, hand cut applique, and sprinkled with a smathering of rhinestones and dripping with faux pearls.
"Googly Eyes"
Organza, stretch mesh and googly eyes.
Mask/Gloves/Hat: Anis Razali
Photo: Chieh Huang
Model: Natalie
Clothing by: Jessica Reddit Designs and Alex S Yu
Dress is made of tulle, embroidered mesh and synthetic flowers.
Dress, headpiece and shoes by Anis Razali.
Photo by Kalisha Hippy.
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