Below are some examples of costumes I have created. I try my best to challenge myself with each look, either creatively or technically. Other times, it is for the sheer joy of creating and dreaming it into existence!
"Queen Kidagakash"
mADE FOR aNDROSIA wILDE: bRA AND SKIRT SET, modelled after the Character "kida" from disney's Atlantis, fitted with light armour.

Costume & Headpiece/Photography: Anis Razali
Model/MUA: Androsia Wilde
prop weapon: hugh tran
image editing/retouching: ZAL EMPTY
made for mina: mUGLER INSPIRED, Boned sequin Bodysuit, patent vinyl "pannier" skirt, fitted blazer with exaggerated shoulders and hips, sprinkled with matching black stones.  
MODEL: Mina mercury
Outfit by anis razali
Photo by rory mcleod photography 
Hair by awesome bitch wig
Jewelry by boule designs
Nail Gloves by black cherry nails
Eyebrows by lashy brows
Shoes by fluevog
"lily munster"
self drafted pattern, Made with Lilac stretch mesh overlay, lightly boned bodice, black velvet ribbon trim, beaded and rhinestoned collar

costume/photo by anis razali 
necklace and backdrop courtesy of katie rose evans
"still standing"
mADE FOR jUSTIN ABIT: Elton john inspired baseball jumpsuit, rhinestone details, hat and belt buckle with front zipper
Costume and rhinestoning by Anis razali 
dodger's Vinyl Cutout: Karin Vengshoel
Baseball bat and sunglasses by Justin ABIT
mADE FOR aNDROSIA WILDE: inspired BY THE POKEMON "nINETAILS", Made of stretch jersey with light boning, faux fur detachable tails, with matching capelet and ears.
Model/Makeup: Androsia Wilde
Costume/Photos: Anis Razali
"Born in Spring"
FANTASY INSPIRED GOWN, Made of chiffon and silk flowers and faux foliage.
Model: Cecilia Borglin
Costume & crown: Anis Razali
Upcycled jersey, bLACK lONG VEST WITH HOOD, WITH repainted mask and skull,
paper mache horns.
Model/Editing: Zal Empty
Costume/ Photo: Anis Razali
"Akasha: Queen of the Damned"
Costume/Headpiece: Anis Razali
Model: Androsia Wilde
Photography: Veronica Bonderud Photography
"Silver and Twinkle"
Made of iridescent gold chiffon, with reworked beaded applique
Robe by Anis Razali
Made of heavy satin trimmed with reclaimed beaded embellishment, stretch velvet.
Headpiece/costume/makeup by Anis Razali
Photo and editing by Zal Empty
"DragonFruit Clown"
Costume and makeup by Anis Razali
Photo by Hugh Tran
"Androsia Wilde as Catwoman"
Costume by Anis Razali
Photos by Zemekiss Photography
Modelled by Androsia Wilde
"A Tribute to Edgar Allan Poe: The Masque of The Red Death"
Headdress and costume by Anis Razali
Photo and Editing by Zal Empty
"Captain Phasma"
Bikini set, gloves and cape by Anis Binte Razali
Photo by Zemekiss Photography
Modelled by Androsia Wilde

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